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tts- Wildlife Prevention & Repair


  731-415-9878  or 731-415-6043

Repair of Animal Damage, Wildlife Control

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Roof and Gutter Repair

In addition to removing problem animals, at Wildlife P&R we also provide repairs to any damage caused by wildlife.

Without repairs, often times other nuisance animals will quickly start causing more problems.

- Perform needed repairs to avoid future problems

- Clean areas stained from animal problems

- Deodorize areas - Complete Odor Removal with Professional Fogging

- Sanitize areas to prevent mold or bacteria growth

- Vinyl Siding Repair

- Soffit Repair

- ATTIC RESTORATION (insulation removal and new installation)

- CRAWLSPACE RESTORATION (new automatic vents, new crawlspace doors, moisture barriers)

- Serving Huntingdon Tn., Jackson Tn. and surrounding areas

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